Questions Frequently Asked by Referring Providers


What are your business hours?

High Desert Imaging is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit our contact us page for information and directions.

Where is High Desert Imaging located?

HDI is located in the northwest corner of A+ Total Care building at 976 Mountain City Highway, Suite 100 in Elko, Nevada. When visiting HDI, patients will enter through the main entrance off Mountain City Highway (in front of the electronic sign) that leads into the lobby and receptionist area shared with A Plus Total Care.

Is HDI affiliated with the local hospital or A Plus Total Care?

No, High Desert Imaging is independently owned and operated and completely unaffiliated with Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital and A Plus Total Care. HDI is owned by a group of radiologic physicians belonging to Tahoe Carson Radiology, a trusted name in medical imaging for more than forty years among medical professionals and care centers throughout Nevada.

Can I speak with an HDI Radiologist?

Yes, you may speak with an HDI Radiologic Physician by calling our radiologist consult number 775-445-7138 found on the upper right-hand corner of the HDI requisition form. Or, you can contact our office at 775-621-5800 and we can direct your call accordingly.

Appointments and scheduling

How soon can I schedule my patient for an HDI exam?

We can schedule your patient as soon as possible depending on their insurance, authorization, and fulfillment time to provide prior studies we require. Patients must submit a medical release form to us as soon as possible before their appointment. We will, however, make an effort to schedule the patient’s exam with adequate lead time to receive any prior studies we might request.

Can you call our patient directly to schedule their imaging appointment?

Absolutely, we’d be happy to contact your patient and schedule a day and time that works for them while accommodating time for receipt of any prior studies we require. Patients may also request an appointment through our website by completing our make an appointment form or through other means found on our making your appointment page.

How long in advance does my patient need to complete a medical release form for HDI to obtain prior images?

To ensure we have your patient’s prior studies before the day of their appointment, it is best that they submit their medical release form to us as early as possible. We will need time to obtain patients’ prior images from the group or center that performed their study and we will normally receive their priors within three days of a release request. However, response time can be longer if their exam took place outside of Nevada.

Exams and services

Are there special instructions for an exam I order for my patient?

Preparation for each exam is different and we’ll instruct your patient and keep you informed regarding any special instructions that may be required. Information about various preparations for studies we offer are found on Our Exams page.

My patient is concerned about getting an MRI due to claustrophobia. What can be done to make them more comfortable?

There are many MRI exams where we can place the patient in feet first. Patients who are claustrophobic may choose to listen to music, have us place a cool cloth over their eyes or administer scented lavender aroma tabs to help calm breathing during the procedure. You can also prescribe a sedative for your patient to take the day of their exam if desired. Learn more about preparing for an MRI exam.

How long will it take to receive my patient’s exam results?

You’ll typically receive test results for your patient’s study within 24 hours, but we often have rapid results within 2 hours.

How will I receive the results of my patient’s study?

Results will be automatically faxed to the fax number supplied on your order as soon as the exam report is generated. You can also request a CD/or paper film of the images to be hand carried by the patient, or have studies mailed directly to your office.

HDI can also set up your practice with our secure OnePacs system and we’ll provide a unique user name and passcode for your office so patient studies can be viewed from your computer. For more information about HDI OnePacs setup for your office, please call us at 775-445-7140.

Authorizations and payments

Will HDI obtain prior authorizations from my patient’s insurance?

We can call the patient’s insurance carrier to see if the exam ordered will need prior authorization, but we cannot obtain authorizations on behalf of your patient. Insurance companies will require the office notes and medical records for your patient from your office directly as their referring primary physician.

What insurance do you take?

We accept most major insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. For a list of insurance carriers and payment methods we currently accept, visit our Payment and Insurance page.

What insurance plans will need prior authorization, and for which studies?

Cigna, Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna and United Healthcare are some of the main health plans that will require pre-authorizations for an imaging study. Patients should contact their insurance carrier for more information or call HDI at 775-621-5800 and we’ll do our best to address any questions about authorizations.

Will HDI bill my patient’s insurance carrier?

Yes, we will obtain all the necessary information we need prior to your patient’s appointment and bill their insurance provider directly.

Will my patient be required to pay at the time of service?

Although subject to change, HDI does not currently require payment from patients at the time of service if they have health insurance coverage. We will bill the patient’s insurance first and then invoice the patient for any remaining balance owed. Because deductibles and coverage varies among health plans and third-party payers, patients should direct questions about any unpaid amounts they might be responsible for to their insurance provider. See our Payment and Insurance page for information.

Do you offer cash/self-pay options for patients?

Yes we do, in fact we offer a 25% discount to all services provided to our self-pay or cash paying customers. For self-pay, payment must be made at the time of service unless other payment arrangements have previously been arranged with the patient. For patients who are unable to pay the full amount up-front the day of their appointment, we do offer flexible payment plans. View our Payment and Insurance page for more information.

If you still have questions about HDI services and policies, use our online contact form or call us at 775.621.5800.