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HDI Imaging & Radiology Requisition Form

Providers can download our diagnostic imaging order form and fax patient exam orders to 775.621.5801. You or your patient can also call us directly at 775.621.5800 to schedule an appointment or submit a schedule an appointment request through our website.

adobe_pdf_iconHDI Requisition Form

If you’d like printed pads of our HDI Requisition form (50 sheets per pad), we’d be happy to drop them off to you. Please call us or send us an email using our Contact Us form and include your name or department, delivery address, and number of pads requested.

View reports using our OnePacs system

Your practice can connect with our OnePacs system for secure remote viewing of HDI patient studies, just call our OnePacs setup line at 775.445.7140 or email us through our online Contact Us form. We’ll get you set up for convenient electronic delivery of HDI reports easily accessible from your computer.

HDI Diagnostic Ordering Guide

When ordering a diagnostic study, clinical documentation requires you to provide specific reasons for the study you’re requesting for your patient. Our Diagnostic Ordering Guide can serve as a reference for recommended studies based on common signs and symptoms your patient may be experiencing. HDI also offers radiology consultation to help you determine the exam or procedure best suited for your patient’s diagnostic needs. For a radiologist consult, call 775.445.7138.

adobe_pdf_iconHDI Diagnostic Ordering Guide

HDI Patient Forms

See our Patient Forms page for required general and exam-specific forms for HDI patients.

If there is information you’d like to see added to this page that you would find useful, please let us know. Contact us using our online form or call 775.621.5800.