Your Visit to HDI

The High Desert Imaging center is located at 976 Mountain City Highway in Elko, Nevada in the A+ Total Care building.

HDI shares the lobby and receptionist area with A+ Total Care. When you first arrive for your scheduled appointment, a friendly HDI Front Desk/Patient Scheduler will greet you at the left check-in area of the receptionist desk and guide you through the check-in process. You will be invited to wait in the HDI lobby area until we are ready to see you.

When your name is called by one of our team members, you will be escorted down a hall to our registration desk to meet with our Scheduler/Patient Coordinator to cover details of your exam and register you into our system. Once your registration is complete, your HDI Radiologic Technologist will take you to the appropriate exam room to perform your study.

Things to consider before your appointment

Plan on arriving to your appointment at least 15 minutes early to check in, or as instructed.

For most exams, guests who accompany you for your appointment will not be permitted into the HDI exam areas and will be instructed to wait in the lobby. Guests of patients receiving pregnancy ultrasounds will be permitted to join the patient in the exam room to view the results after the imaging procedure is completed.

Neither HDI nor A+ Total Care has staff to supervise children while you undergo an exam. An adult must accompany children as they wait in our lobby.

If you are taking prescribed medication the day of your appointment that will affect your ability to drive, please arrange for someone to take you safely home after your exam.

Certain exams may require you to abstain from food or ingest water or contrast material prior to your procedure. See our Preparing for Your Exam page for specific instructions.

Items to bring with you to your appointment

  • Picture identification
  • Insurance card (including your ID number and group number)
  • Doctor’s referral (if available)
  • Copy of lab work results for exam (if required by us)
  • Any patient forms we may instruct you to complete
  • Images/films from prior imaging studies related to your exam
  • Information cards for synthetic or metal implants or prostheses
  • Comfortable attire with no metal parts (depending on exam requirements)

After your appointment

Some exams have requirements or recommendations that you should follow after the diagnostic study has been performed. Learn more about what to expect post-exam for your particular imaging procedure on our Preparing for Your Exam page.

For questions about your visit to HDI, use our online contact us form or call 775.621.5800.