The HDI Mission

High Desert Imaging is committed to becoming the preferred local choice in affordable, reputable medical imaging among patients, physicians, and employers in Elko County. We strive to achieve this by delivering exceptional imaging services at a fair and ethical price with compassionate, attentive care that exceeds customer expectations.

Our promise to you

HDI believes in initiating and participating in a healthy collaboration between all community members in an effort to promote and improve our mutual safety, health and welfare. We don’t just say we care about our community, HDI proves its promise to earn your trust and business by demonstrating ACTIVE CARE.

Our ACTIVE CARE service values:

ccess to local, affordable medical imaging
ollaborating in the success of our patients and health care partners
reating customers with respect and our most attentive care
nvolvement in the wellbeing and success of our communities
aluing customer feedback and satisfaction at every level
mploying capable professional and technical staff

ommunicating with our customers to ensure their needs are met
pplying state-of-the-art technology across all services
esponsibly honoring our contractual relationships
thical and honest conduct practiced in all facets of business

We care about your satisfaction

We encourage you to share your customer experience with HDI by completing our Customer Satisfaction Survey to let us know how we did. Your feedback is critical in helping us stay aligned with your expectations and our commitment to best serve you. Your response will also help others make a better-informed decision about choosing High Desert Imaging for their medical imaging needs.